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Our interdisciplinary research offers an insight into various areas related to material science, chemical synthesis, radiochemistry, computer simulation, tomographic imaging and preclinical research all related to final application in medicine. Thus, we have various and diverse topics for research stays (e.g. P-module in chemistry), Bachelor and Master's thesis available that suit students from biology, physics, biomedical engineering and especially chemistry background. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of these fields of the interdisciplinary work! We're open for any idea and discussion and can always tune projects to your personal interest. 

  • NanoMedicine & Imaging Agents

Nanomedicine is the application of nanomaterials in diagnostic and therapeutic applications. In our group, we investigate new nanomaterials for e.g. drug delivery or as contrast agents requiring synthesis and surface functionalization of nanoparticles or also synthesis of new polymeric strctures as builling blocks. Examples are synthesis of a new MRI contrast agent based on dendrimers or the synthesis and formulation of liposomes and microcapsules for drug delivery.

  • Nuclear Imaging

Radiolabeled specific tracers allow to visualize molecular processes and targets using nuclear imaging in vivo. To that aim, we routinely radiolabel molecules and perform radioactive cell assays as well as in vivo studies. Working with radioactivity preferably requires previous knowledge but is not mandatory. Typically, we offer this type of projects more advanced students. 

  • Biochemistry & In Vivo studies

In vitro applications are the building blocks of preclinical research. Various cell cultures assays for instance can be carried out, e.g. implementing new tumor models into in vivo application.

Further, Master Students have the opportunity to apply their previously obtained knowledge within in vivo models. As a FELASA B certificate is mandatory, these projects require upfront planning and pre-work. Contact us for further information.


We offer various projects related to MR physics and acoustics. For the latter, our main topic is high intensity focused ultrasound, where we characterize sound fields and pulse schemes for correlation with interaction between sound waves and tissues. Especially the application of MR guided HIFU leads to many challenging topics on MR physics and HIFU side. Examples are motion correction for MR thermometry and imaging of moving organs.