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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

3 Tesla full body MRI (Achieva, Philips)

MRI offers a wide range of mechanisms to generate different contrasts in soft tissue with and without use of contrast agents. We constantly explore new MR sequences and methods thriving for faster and more accurate acquisition. Of special interest are sequences for motion compensation that improve acquisition of images in the abdominal region and sequences for in vivo thermometry. The latter is of special importance in the context of MR-guided HIFU, where MR-thermometry is used to monitor in-vivo temperatures during thermal therapies such as ablation and hyperthermia. Other MR topics include multiparametric characterization of tumors also in combination with other imaging modalities. For application in image-guided drug delivery, we exlore 19F-MR imaging to image and quantify in vivo distribution of drug loaded microcapsules.