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EMIM 2022 Thessaloniki

The pandemic situation bound us long enough to our beloved Cologne. Therefore, Research Group Grüll went to Thessaloniki to share their experiences and gain new insights into the field of Experimental Imaging at the EMIM 2022 by the European Society for molecular Imaging. Prof. Holger Grüll was invited to share his experiences of the transition from industry to university. Within one of the plenary sections Dr. Markus Schütz held his talk about the 'Establishment and characterization of a pancreas cancer rat model' and was able to excite the audience with a meticulous analyzed work. Sven Saniternik presented his poster, wherein he explained the In vitro and in vivo characterization of CT26-mNIS-Neo/eGFP tumor cell line, as a new perspective for multi-modal imaging. Xenia Kovalyk even participated at the conference with two poster presentations, wherein she could show the whole route from a well characterized synthesis of new polymeric microcapsules to the in vivo application in 19F-MR imaging. All participants of Research Group Grüll are looking forward to the next opportunity to exchange with researchers of the same field.